joi, 1 septembrie 2011

Things that make me happy

These nail polishes make my day brighter.I love them.
I think the red lipstick is a must have.Is so sexy and gives you a nice color.Is perfect for this season.
My accessories.I can't live without them.
I loooooooe this shoes.Are very comfortable.I like to wear them with a pear of jeans and a shirt,or with my little black dess.
 This is a great book.You must read it.The author,Nina Garcia,gives you a clear vision about fashion.She helps you to  find your own style.In this little book you have a lot of outfit combination for meny events.

At last,this is my face toner.I love it.Smells so good,and after you clean your face with this solution,your skin is much smoother.This product is my favorite.Trust me,you must try.You can buy it from Oriflame.

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