luni, 19 septembrie 2011

Blue and red

  Hey Girls! So,yesterday was my boyfriend's father birthday,so his family organized a family reunion for this event. It was so nice,we ate home made pizza,drank sweet wine and the dessert was delicious. We laughed a lot and the atmosphere was wonderful. Here are some pictures about my dress.I hope you'll enjoy it! Don't forget to comment because your opinion means a lot for me. X.O.X.O

7 comentarii:

  1. Very nice dress! The color is beautiful! :-)

  2. Great dress! I love the blue color of it!

    Te pup,

    (Your newest follower!:) )

  3. Very cute dress!! Beautiful shades of blue!

  4. Ohh... beauty Dress !

    Great blog, I follow U ;)

  5. I love those shoes!