miercuri, 28 septembrie 2011


    Here is my new Video.I'm so excited,I like filming a lot because I feel I'm closer to you.I hope you'll enjoy it,and don't forget to subscribe. XoXo

marți, 27 septembrie 2011

Maxi pants

    Today I had a busy day because in two days I'll move to another city where I study .So I had to pack,to organize my stuff and now I'm very tired.I was just for a hour to Mc.Donalds,with my boyfriend,for a small break. Enjoy my outfit of the day,I hope you'll like it. Don't forget to comment because your opinion means a lot for me.

luni, 26 septembrie 2011

Makeup at Douglas

    Yesterday I went to Douglas to a makeup presentation.Oh,it was so nice.I met a wonderful girl there,who created a makeup for me. She shared with me some "makeup secrets".It was so excited,we have a lot of things in common.I can't wait to film a video and create the makeup that she made it.I'll post a picture(sorry for the quality) and I hope you'll like it.Oh,and tell me,what kind of videos would you like to see?

sâmbătă, 24 septembrie 2011

Cosmo article

    Hey Girls! I have some so excited news for you!!! Last month I wrote an article to the Cosmopolitan magazin. Today I bought the October number of Cosmo,and SURPRISE,they published my article. (Yeeeeeeey). I was sooo happy when I saw it,plus,they sent me two Shiseido products: Stick Foundation SPF 15 and Hydro-Power Eye Shadow. I'm so happy. Oh,and tomorrow will be my makeup presentation at Douglas.Can't wait.! Thanks girls for your support! XoXo

vineri, 23 septembrie 2011

Makeup tutorial

  Hey Girls! So,one of my followers,Veera suggested me  to do a make-up tutorial with eyeliner.I promissed her that I will film the video soon as I can.So,the video is done,I hope you'll like it.If there's anything you guys would love to see,comment below! XoXo

miercuri, 21 septembrie 2011

Relaxing day

   Hey Girls! So,today I had a relaxing day,I felt so good,I was shopping and I had time for blogging.It was so nice to see that many of you are interested in fashion. You inspire me. So,because my day was very relaxing,I created a casual outfit,something very combortable and simple...I'm wearing a scarf,I put a belt in the middle of my waist and the jersey is ready.Under my long top I have some short pants,and my shoes are very comfortable and has flowers on it Here are some pics about my outfit. Enjoy! :)

marți, 20 septembrie 2011

Late night Tea

  Hey Girls! Today I was invited by my boyfriend to a late cup of tea.It was very nice,we talked and laughed,time passed so quickly that I didn't noticed. Let me show you a few pics about my outfit,and don't forget to comment because your opinion means a lor for me. XoXo

luni, 19 septembrie 2011

Blue and red

  Hey Girls! So,yesterday was my boyfriend's father birthday,so his family organized a family reunion for this event. It was so nice,we ate home made pizza,drank sweet wine and the dessert was delicious. We laughed a lot and the atmosphere was wonderful. Here are some pictures about my dress.I hope you'll enjoy it! Don't forget to comment because your opinion means a lot for me. X.O.X.O

duminică, 18 septembrie 2011

Make-up tutorial!!!

   Hey Girls! So finally I uploaded my FIRST make-up tutorial,and I'm so happy.I hope you'll like it! Don't forget to comment because your opinion means a lot for me,and tell me what kind of make up you would like and I will try to do it. Enjoy,and thanks for watching.

sâmbătă, 17 septembrie 2011

Warm September

   Hey Girls! So,first,I want to say that I filmed my first make-up tutorial but I can't upload on youtube.I don't know why,I tried to do my best but it dosen't worked,so...I have to film the video again. I can't wait to share with you my first make-up video,and some make-up tips.
    Today I went with my boyfriend (Dan) to a festival, "City Festival" which was organized in my town.It was so funny and exciting.We had a great time together.So,here is my outfit,I hope you'll enjoy! Don't forget to comment because your opinion means a lot for me...aaaannnnnndddd......A contest comming soooooon,If you are interested,follow me at Bloglovin and at my blog.I have some great prizes for you.I'll make a video and I'll give you more informations..X.O.X.O

vineri, 16 septembrie 2011


   Hey Girls! I filmed today a make-up tutorial,but I can't upload on youtube.I don't know what happened,but I'm really sorry.I'll try to fix the problem soon as I can. I can't wait to share with you my first make-up tutorial,so I hope that you'll understand my little problem. Thanx! X.O.X.O

miercuri, 14 septembrie 2011

Yammy and Sweet

   Hey Girls! So,today was a relaxing day for me.I came home from my trip and I was very happy.Home sweet home....I have some so excited news for you guys!!!I received a phone call from Douglas company,and they invited me to a make-up presentation. I was sooo happy. The presentation will be next week,can't wait. I can't wait to share with you this experience.Until the next news,enjoy my outfit of the day! Don't forget to comment,because your opinion means a lot for me! X.O.X.O
                                                              Top: Zara
                                                              Pants: Pull&Bear
                                                              Shoes: Deichmann

duminică, 11 septembrie 2011


   Hey Guys! So,here is my first video! I'm so excitetd. I know is not perfect, I'm new to filming, but I hope you'll like it and enjoy it! Don't forget to comment because your opinion means a lot for me! Thanks for watching! X.O.X.O  

miercuri, 7 septembrie 2011

Pinky animal

     Hey Girls! So,today was a wonderful day,shiny and warm.I received a phone call from a job manager. I was so happy. Tomorrow I'll go for an interview. I hope I will  get the job. Wish me luck :). So,because my day was great,I decided to wear something pink, 'cause It's my favorite color. I love animal print too, ( I loveeee it very much actualy) so I completed my outfit with a top and with some pinky anmial print shoes. My outfit was very comfortable and I felt so good. Enjoy these few pics,and don't forget to comment,your opinion means a lot for me. X.O.X.O
                                                   Jeans: Takko
                                                   Shoes: New Yorker 
                                                   Top: Terranova
                                                   Vest: H&M
                                                   Ring: Meli Melo
                                                   Necklace: Takko.

Rainy day

   Today was boring at work,so I had time for blogging.I saw that many of you are interested in fashion,and I was very happy.This is the reason why I decided to start filming videos.I hope I'll help you to find your own style and give you some make-up tips.Until the videos will come out,enjoy my outfit of the day.Don't forget to comment because your opinion means a lot for me.  X.O.X.O