sâmbătă, 3 septembrie 2011

Little white dress

    This night I went with my boyfriend to a romantic dinner. It was so excited because we haven't seen each other for a very long time (he worked in another city).For this event I decided to wear something sexy but comfortable at the same time. I borrowed my mothers blouse (which is XL size) and I transformed it in a white dress .I applied red accessories,a red belt and the dress was done. This two colors are perfect togheter.My new " dress " was gorgeous. Enjoy this few pics and don't forget to comment. I hope I gave you an ideea about a romantic dress for a wonderfull nigh,party or event.X.O.X.O

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  1. Yummy:D Mersi de comment, am vazut ca nu ai caseta pentru urmariti "follow", sa ma anunti cand o adaugi ca sa iti dau follow... eu o am daca doresti sa imi dai, te pot urmari mai usor asa:P

  2. Super**