duminică, 4 decembrie 2011

Love,Love animal print

    Lovelys,yesterday was such an amazing day for me. Outside was very rainy and cold,all what you wanted to do was relaxing and sleeping. I went to my boyfriends house,I made some hot mint tea with lemon and we watched movies. Christmas is right in the corner,I can smell it in the air. In this time people working a lot,so do I. But yesterday was such a lazy day. For this, I adopted a very comfortable outfit,somthing I love...ANIMAL PRINT. Some people are like: "Oh my God,you are obsessed" or " I hate when you wear a lot of animal print" but be honest with you guys,I really don't care what people says. I love animal print,everything pink and purple,hats etc. Everytime I try to customize my outfits as I like.
   So,I leave you here with some pics,and I would love to know what do you guys think. XoXo

What I'm wearing : Sprider Store legging, New Yorker blouse, my grandma's vintage sweater :-) and some random store boots ( I love them)

sâmbătă, 3 decembrie 2011

Christmas wish

     Hey Lovelys! Many of you maybe don't know,but I'm catholic. I grew up into a lovely family (even that I don't have a real father,my parents divorced,so my mom tried with all her soul to give me a quiet life) and I'm very thankful for that. I love helping people and every day I'm trying to be a better person. Sometimes I feel that,if you can smile and hug a person who has problems,without saying anything,just sit and smile with all your heart,you can make that persons day. I belive in karma,so everytime when I have "bad ideeas" or when I'm "bad" I realise that If I'll make a person cry,or I'll hurt somebody,maybe some day will return to me. I started to work since I was 17 ( In Romania is a big thing...ugh,people here sucks) just to save money,to be on my own and gave to my mother all what she wants and she needs,because she is the LOVE of my life.
   Christmas is right in the corner,so make sure that you are kind and good with everybody. The sad story is that people are kind just when Christmas comes,ONCE in a year. :(  Make sure that you have Christmas in your heart everyday,not just once in a year.