duminică, 4 decembrie 2011

Love,Love animal print

    Lovelys,yesterday was such an amazing day for me. Outside was very rainy and cold,all what you wanted to do was relaxing and sleeping. I went to my boyfriends house,I made some hot mint tea with lemon and we watched movies. Christmas is right in the corner,I can smell it in the air. In this time people working a lot,so do I. But yesterday was such a lazy day. For this, I adopted a very comfortable outfit,somthing I love...ANIMAL PRINT. Some people are like: "Oh my God,you are obsessed" or " I hate when you wear a lot of animal print" but be honest with you guys,I really don't care what people says. I love animal print,everything pink and purple,hats etc. Everytime I try to customize my outfits as I like.
   So,I leave you here with some pics,and I would love to know what do you guys think. XoXo

What I'm wearing : Sprider Store legging, New Yorker blouse, my grandma's vintage sweater :-) and some random store boots ( I love them)

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  1. Love this outfit! The boots are so cool :)
    www.celestecohen.blogspot.com xo

  2. I love animal prints but I lack the courage to wear them because I'm afraid of crossing the line between sexy kitten and trailer trash. Anyway, I like the minimalistic look that you went for.
    By the way thanks for the love on my blog.

  3. oh, thank u !
    You're also very pretty.
    omg, i love panther, hah :P

  4. LOVE the cardi!
    laur x


  5. i also Love animal print x


  6. thumbs up for animal prints :)


  7. Loved your blog!! Thanks for visit me!! I´m following you now!!Great boots!!!

  8. boots are cool love them

  9. ooh, love all the leopard print!

    thanks for leaving love on my blog, i really do appreciate it. i hope you'll be back soon~