miercuri, 7 septembrie 2011

Pinky animal

     Hey Girls! So,today was a wonderful day,shiny and warm.I received a phone call from a job manager. I was so happy. Tomorrow I'll go for an interview. I hope I will  get the job. Wish me luck :). So,because my day was great,I decided to wear something pink, 'cause It's my favorite color. I love animal print too, ( I loveeee it very much actualy) so I completed my outfit with a top and with some pinky anmial print shoes. My outfit was very comfortable and I felt so good. Enjoy these few pics,and don't forget to comment,your opinion means a lot for me. X.O.X.O
                                                   Jeans: Takko
                                                   Shoes: New Yorker 
                                                   Top: Terranova
                                                   Vest: H&M
                                                   Ring: Meli Melo
                                                   Necklace: Takko.

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  1. Like your outfit ! I am your new follower

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  2. gorgeous! i love this outfit :)
    saz xx

  3. Fantastic look! =)
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  4. love ur blog ! follow mine and i'll follow urs back !

  5. thank you for your comment :) nice blog ;)

  6. thanks for your comment. :) nice pictures. I like you pink leo ballerinas :D they look so beautiful

  7. I have always loved the combination between pink and animal print! :*
    P.s. I am already ur follower...i hope u don't mind! :D